Monday, June 7, 2010

MAC eyes and pigment blog sale!!

As promised ladies and is the follow up to my lips sale.
Shipping to US is $3 per item, over two, I will just use the flat rate box for $5.95 to save you some dough!! Let me know if you're interested, make me an never know!!

This is the Devoted Poppy compact with mirror and 213 SE brush. Colors include: Sweet eyes, young thing, amorously, awake, in awe, fall deeply. I have swatched 5 of the 6 colors, never used it. SOLD

Next, we have the Fafi Eyes 1 palette. It has no mirror, but it does have a protective plastic insert. I've only swatched these once, asking $20

Oooooo, glitter liners. Enbroze & Blitzed. Both brand new, never opened. Asking $12 each.

Remember the Brushed Metal-X collection? These are creme shadows in Gold Spice which is cracked for some reason, asking $13And Gilded Ash, brand new, asking $15

Repotted Amber Lights. I purchased a replacement before I found out how to repot on YT...I love YT. So it's more of a creme-shadow now, and a true steal at $7. It was new when I dropped it!!

Mini-Pigments!! I have all of the large sizes in these, no idea how I got them, probably a gift set or something. Anyway, all brand new, Tan, Quietly SOLD, Pinked Mauve, and Violet, asking $8 each.

Do you recall Shimmer Souffles?? These are kind of like pigments, but in a sort of souffle form. They dry firm like paints...Really nice.. ALL SOLD
Shimmerati - 1/2 full asking $10
Gold Mousse - used 2wice asking $18
Adorn - 3/4 full asking $14

Last, but not least Large Pigments. So, here's the deal with these, they don't have names on the bottom, so I'm thinking I may have gotten these from know what that means, they may not be authentic. I've never used them though, and to swatch, I used a spritz of fix plus to give you the true color pay off. They are lovely.
"greyish silver"
"green" I think this one is authentic, but no sticker
Asking $12 each

Don't be afraid to make me an offer, you never know. What's the worst I could say?? No. LOL...Have a great week....

Holla at your girl!!


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