Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Make your body think it's had GASTRIC BYPASS!!

I know that a lot of my recent posts have been regarding weightloss. This is totally where my head is right now. I've been fighting and fighting with it for years. So why stop now, right? I'm going to keep going until I find somethng that works for me and something that works for you. They don't have to be the same, we just need them to work, yes? YES!!

So this bit of info, I found in a Woman's Day (issue March 5, 2012). It claims that if you fill up on 10-15 grams of miracle fiber (resistant starch) that it will force your body to burn more fat and cause you to feel fuller faster. Well, what exactly are resistant starches? Here is a list that they had.

Food                              Grams of Resistant Starch
Slightly green banana                    13
ripe banana                                   5
1/2 C white beans                         4
1 C potatoes cooked AND
      cooled                                    3
1/2 C garbanzo beans                   2
1 C whole wheat pasta                 2
1/2 C brown rice                          2
1/2 C peas                                   2
1/2 C black beans                        2
1 slice rye bread                           1
1 C corn flakes                             1
1 C oatmeal                                  1

Added benefits of resistant starches:

1. They help prevent diabetes
2. They soothe your belly by boosting good bacteria to reduce bloat and gas
3. They help fight precancerous cells in the colon.

Now as usual, you need to modify your diet, low in sugar and starch. And of course you need some level of exercise. These tips will merely help boost your weightloss. Good luck. Let me know if it works for you.