Friday, May 27, 2011

Hair remedies...

Remember back in the day when your grandmother had a fix for anything that 'ailed' you? At times, like myself, you probably thought that old-timers (Alzheimer's) was setting it, and didn't think much of her 'cure'. Well, as it turns, she was probably right. Check out some of these remedies that really work on your overworked hair!!

Dry strands?
Try a mixture of egg, olive oil, avocado, mayo, and honey!!


The egg's power is in the yolk...all that nasty cholesterol will help strengthen and thicken your locs.
The olive oil is great for moisture and shine, not just a base for all of Rachael Ray's dishes...well, she uses EVOO!!
The yummy avocado is awesome for deep conditioning, not only adding some texture to your salad...
The mayonnaise is also great for strengthening your hair, not only cream-ifyin' your potato salad.
Last but not least, the honey is great for shining up and smoothing out your tresses!!

If you can sit under a dryer for 15 minutes great, if not, just put a plastic bag on your head and do your toes for about half an hour. You'll love you for it!!

Are you a beach bunny?? Love the water? Salt or chlorine? Well, I am willing to bet the farm that your hair is not a fan of either. Before going onto the beach or jumping into the pool, coat your hair an oil, olive, avocado, whatever...or a nice leave in conditioner... shield it from absorbing the toxins and losing moisture. Be sure to rinse your hair immediately once you are out of the water...

Hope this helps a little...and don't forget the sunscreen for your skin, no matter what your complexion!! African Americans can burn too!!


Thursday, May 19, 2011

Extreme Couponing

Ok, so I know I'm late, but I had to come and chat about this new hot topic...

As for the show, I love it...totally entertaining and over the top. Everything I look for in 'reality' tv.

Is it really possible? Absolutely, if you can figure out how to get 100 coupons for $.75 off of gatorade...have a store in your area that not only doubles your coupon, but is offering gatorade for $1.50. Therefore, you can start your own stockpile with 100 free bottles of gatorade.

A little much? Completely. LOL...

I live in the north east. Bargains are few and far between here. But let's call it 'Super Couponing', as opposed to extreme. How's that?

As of late, Pathmark (though another few and far between luxury in my area) has been offering double and TRIPLE coupons over the weekends up to and including $1 AND $2!!! That is pretty amazing considering the number of things you can get for $ I ended up with quite the amount of 'free' items.

Couponing is all about organization, diligence, and preparation. You can do it. Even if you are not getting 25 cases of soup, you can probably feed your family for the month on just $50.

Make sure you check out your local Sunday paper and online coupon spots (coupon mom, common sense with money etc.), match up your local grocery store with the coupons, and you're on your way. You may not find everything that you want every time, but you should be able to get some pretty good deals.

I've been thinking about starting a coupon club.

We would get online, and trade coupons across the country, let me know what you think and if you would be interested..