Thursday, June 24, 2010

NYC sample sales

Hey ladies and's some info that I found on local area sample sales. Though I will not be partaking, it's no reason not to share the wealth. Let me know if you go and pick anything up!!

The city's most anticipated sample sale is back with 70-80% off retail at Scatola Sartoriale. Vivienne Westwood Anglomania tops, skirts, and dresses on sale. Dresses start at $150, originally $750+! Also featuring international designers including Iodice, Improvd, and more. Stock up on leather vests and jackets, denim, and knits at wholesale prices. Get summer ready with airy dresses and lightweight scarves, prices as low as $39!

Event Begins: 6/22/2010
Event Ends: 6/25/2010
Event Times: Tue-Fri 10am-8pm

Location: 544 W. 27th Street (btwn 10th & 11th)
6th Fl
New York, NY 10001

Payment Types: Cash / Charge


Echo of the Dreamer/Mars & Valentine Sample Sale

No more waiting! Summer is here and time to show off some Echo of the Dreamer/Mars and Valentine jewelry kissed skin! Discover stunning and unique pieces, many one of a kind at amazingly low prices. Now available to the public for a limited time. Price points include:

Earrings $15-$125, orig. $100-$300
Rings $30-$250, orig. $295-$550
Necklaces $35-$520, orig. $350-$1,800
Bracelets and cuffs $28-$250, orig.$280-$1,000
Pins and pendants $20-$150, orig. $200-$500
TopButton subscribers save an additional 10% with a print-out of this ad. Discount cannot be combined with any other discounts.

Event Begins: 6/22/2010
Event Ends: 6/26/2010
Event Times: Tue-Fri 10am-6pm
Sat 11am-4pm

Location: 242 W. 30th St.
(btwn. 7th & 8th Aves)
14th Floor
New York, NY 10001
(212) 594-8022

Payment Types: Cash/VISA/MC/ AMEX


Leggiadro Luxury Sample Sale - Up To 80% Off

Leggiadro, the fashion house known for its ultra-luxe sportswear, will be hosting a sample sale with deep reductions on signature luxury items in cashmere and silk. With over 80% off on fall pieces, you will also find other seasonally mixed items including a wide selection of footwear, Italian sweaters, signature blouses, corduroy pants, and classic blazers.

Event Begins: 6/22/2010
Event Ends: 6/25/2010
Event Times: Tue-Fri 10am-5pm

Location: 251 W. 39th St
(btwn. 7th & 8th)
4th Fl
New York, NY 10018
(212) 997-8766

Payment Types: Cash / Charge


Saturday, June 19, 2010

Super Inexpensive shopping

Hey guys!!

So, first, don't tell nobody, cause I'm 'sposed to be on a budget!! Have you ever heard of Amiclubwear? Ok, for the most part, it's exactly what it sounds like...a teen-bopper site with lots of quasi-hooker gear for the club (sometimes you do need to hooker out for your man at home ladies)...what you don't know though, is that there are some fantastic finds!!! Check it out. Right now, they're having a July 4th sale. You get an extra 30% off on EVERYTHING on the site!! All you do is enter promo code: JULY30 upon checkout by June 21 (That would be Monday) to take advantage. Look what I found for $12.99 PLUS and additional 30% off...

Thursday, June 17, 2010

I'm fighting with EVERYONE...

I don't know if it's the baby, or if I'm just that tired of shinanigans. I'm fighting with just about everyone in my life. My best friend and I have been in and out for the past month or so, I've BEEN fighting with my quasi-beau for the length of my pregnancy (6 1/2 months), and lately, I've been really really flipping out on my oldest daughter. She's 16 and really feeling like she's grown and entitled.

Again, I feel like it's my fault. I've spoiled her to no avail. She has chores that are her responsibility, but she never does them, and I don't say anything until I'm totally pissed off, then it becomes flipping out because she's huffing and puffing, and rolling her eyes, and slouching her shoulders, and stomping her feet. WTH!?!? When I was her age, I knew what I had to do. I got up and did it. No, I wasn't perfect, but dammit, I was nowhere near her.

Is 16 too late to put my foot down? It's all of the extras that drive me over the edge though. The huffing and what not. I can't take it, it makes me so angry. But then, she wants to know why I've changed, why I'm always angry, why I'm always cursing and yelling..really??

Monday, June 14, 2010

Do we as parents create selfish children?

So over the weekend, my daughter did something that threw me for a loop and made me flip my lid. Looking back, it probably wasn't that big of a deal, even in the moment, I felt like I was having an out of body experience...I just HATE that she gets so selfish with her little sister at times. She's 15 and her sister is 3!! I guess a part of it is that she was an only child for 12 years, but she's got lots of cousins and she's NEVER been selfish with them. Then wasn't every day. There's an argument for everything.

My question though, did I do this? Did I give her too much?? Have I enabled her?? I definitely didn't want her to have the life I had. Though it wasn't the worst, it was definitely not the best. I never wanted her to want for anything, and I didn't want her cleaning all the, I can't get her to do anything almost without a huff and a puff and feet stomping, eye rolling...WTH...It pisses me off, but also makes me sad at the same time. I've taken her to shelters during the holidays to serve food, so that she knows this is not the life she HAS to have...Again, we are not the Jones', but maybe we're the She just seem so ungrateful...and the selfishness toward her sister even??! Oh, that burns me up!!!

Monday, June 7, 2010

MAC eyes and pigment blog sale!!

As promised ladies and is the follow up to my lips sale.
Shipping to US is $3 per item, over two, I will just use the flat rate box for $5.95 to save you some dough!! Let me know if you're interested, make me an never know!!

This is the Devoted Poppy compact with mirror and 213 SE brush. Colors include: Sweet eyes, young thing, amorously, awake, in awe, fall deeply. I have swatched 5 of the 6 colors, never used it. SOLD

Next, we have the Fafi Eyes 1 palette. It has no mirror, but it does have a protective plastic insert. I've only swatched these once, asking $20

Oooooo, glitter liners. Enbroze & Blitzed. Both brand new, never opened. Asking $12 each.

Remember the Brushed Metal-X collection? These are creme shadows in Gold Spice which is cracked for some reason, asking $13And Gilded Ash, brand new, asking $15

Repotted Amber Lights. I purchased a replacement before I found out how to repot on YT...I love YT. So it's more of a creme-shadow now, and a true steal at $7. It was new when I dropped it!!

Mini-Pigments!! I have all of the large sizes in these, no idea how I got them, probably a gift set or something. Anyway, all brand new, Tan, Quietly SOLD, Pinked Mauve, and Violet, asking $8 each.

Do you recall Shimmer Souffles?? These are kind of like pigments, but in a sort of souffle form. They dry firm like paints...Really nice.. ALL SOLD
Shimmerati - 1/2 full asking $10
Gold Mousse - used 2wice asking $18
Adorn - 3/4 full asking $14

Last, but not least Large Pigments. So, here's the deal with these, they don't have names on the bottom, so I'm thinking I may have gotten these from know what that means, they may not be authentic. I've never used them though, and to swatch, I used a spritz of fix plus to give you the true color pay off. They are lovely.
"greyish silver"
"green" I think this one is authentic, but no sticker
Asking $12 each

Don't be afraid to make me an offer, you never know. What's the worst I could say?? No. LOL...Have a great week....

Holla at your girl!!


Friday, June 4, 2010

Birthday blooooz...

So, yesterday was my birthday...For the very first time that I can remember in a long time, I was extremely sad. I do have a lot going on in my life right now, but I was overly sad yesterday. Everything made me cry. Everything. TV, people wishing me happy birthday, just everything. Maybe it's the baby hormones...I don't know...though, again, this is my 3rd September baby, so I've been pregnant twice before on my birthday. I don't think that was it. My family is pretty big on birthdays...we ALWAYS go to the birthday person's house with a cake and just good conversation. It doesn't matter what day of the week, we just do it. I called everyone and told them not to come, I was just not feeling it and didn't want to bring everyone else down.

My day ended up being ok, I was coaxed to lunch with my baby's dad...that was nice...and he gave me a gift or again, it ended ok.

What I can say though, just do something to make yourself happy at least once a day. If it's calling a friend, watching a favorite program, blowing bubbles with your kids (or something. Life is too short. Call someone and tell them you love them. Apologize. You don't have to say for what...maybe you didn't do anything, maybe you did...maybe they just need to hear it.

Depression is real.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

MU Sale!!!

Hey guys...ok, so...I' ve been doing some cleaning and found some items that I NEVER use. I figure someone else could use them. they are. Shipping to the US is $3 for the first item, if you are purchasing more than one item, I will just use the flat rate shipping box from USPS for $5.95. These prices are not rock solid, so if you want to make me an offer for something, let me know...I'm broke yall!! Now, bear in mind that these are authentic items, so let's not get I will accept payments via paypal, or money order (obviously I wouldn't send the item until the M/O clears). I have wiped all used/tested lipsticks with alcohol, but I would suggest you do the same or simply slice off a thin layer at the top before using. I don't have cooties...but it is what it is. The potted glosses were used with a M/U brush. New items are just that.

EMBELLISH - glitz gloss $10
PLUM PARFAIT - petit-gloss $10


Coral Co-Ordinate (frost) used 1-2 times $10
Coppertime (frost) used 1-2 times $10
Syrup (Lustre) used 1-2 times $10
Vibe tested $10
Lame' used 1-2 times $10

MACouture Influential used 1-2 times $12
MACouture Couture used 1-2 times $12

Monogram Lipglass Identity brand new, never used or tested $15

SlimShine lipsticks
Think Tan - tested $10
Think Tan - brand new (missing sticker) $12
Nude - brand new (missing sticker) $12
Ultra Elegant - brand new (missing sticker) $12
Assertive - brand new (missing sticker) $12

Look for more sales soon!! Any questions shoot me an email or a comment! Thanks for looking!!!