Friday, November 28, 2014

Workout For People With No Time

I constantly find myself saying that I want to get fit, but I don't have the time. It's true, but it's not true. We all make time for the things we want to make time for. Take a hard 30 minutes for yourself. Check out this video that I found on Facebook from Brendan Meyers. Looks doable, right? Well, most of it...

Good luck. Don't break a leg.


Friday, October 10, 2014

Has it really been a YEAR?!? UPDATES!!!!

I feel so crappy. I cannot believe that it's been over a year since I've written anything on this blog. For those of you that are still hangin' tough...I LOVE YOU. For the newbies, welcome. I am going to make it my business to get a post up at least once a week. For now, let me at least tell you what I've been up to...

I've been working on my voice over career. If you are unsure, voice overs are simply the voices that you hear on commercials (tv, radio, podcasts, educational videos...etc). I had been dabbling for years, but finally put things into motion this year. I've had a few commercials here and there, but nothing MAJOR. I'm waiting on Coca-Cola to call me. Check out my VO website if you have the chance.  Take a listen to my middle baby mocking me. She's good.

My kids obviously have been a big part of why I've been incognito...My big girl is working at a local police department full time and working on moving to Fresno, CA,


my middle baby is in 3rd grade...oh my gosh, I cannot believe it. She is heavy into gymnastics and acting. You might see her somewhere soon...keep watching.

And my little baby is in pre-school. He's a freaking bucket of energy!!!! This ole momma can't keep up. He did some Toys R' Us fit modeling last year, but he's not feeling the acting and modeling bug. He just wants to run and jump and throw things.
All of my kids have September birthdays, so I am soooo thankful that September is over. The big girl is 20, middle baby is 8, and my little guy is 4.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Dancing with the Plus Size Stars!!

For those of you that don't know, I am a plus size girl. Always have been, and as far as I can tell, always will be. As a fluffy child, kids were mean. I recall so many hurtful scenarios, but I won't drag you into my pseudo therapy session today. Just like with any "minority", stipulations are placed. Big girls can't wear heels, big girls can't wear tight jeans, big girls shouldn't eat in public, big girls can't dance. Well, Miss Amber Riley is putting some "straight" size women to shame right now!!

I was not a Glee fan. I think it missed my SLIGHTLY older age range by a year or two. I mean, I have seen an episode or two, but even with Jane Lynch and the addition of my love, NeNe Leaks, I couldn't be sucked in. Don't get me wrong, the episodes were very cute and entertaining, just simply not my cups of tea. The kids can sing their butts off...again, just not for me. Honestly, I am not a DWTS fan either. I may catch a recap on, but watching the entire season has not been for me.

WELL!!! Having said all of that, I'm in. Amber's got me hook, line, and sinker.

The only time that I've seen a big girl move like this was when Mo'nique came out on the BET awards with her big girl dancers!! Remember that? click here ---->Mo'nique dancing to Beyonce Dejavu at 2007 BET Awards.

Big girls of the world stand up and support this young lady because she is an amazing dancer who was not afraid of stigmas and is showing us all that YES...WE CAN DO IT TOO!!!


Monday, September 16, 2013

Back to School: Morning Time Savers

Summer's nearly over, and it's that time for the kiddies to get back to school. Once again, schedules are out of whack, alarm clocks are going off or not going off to no avail. The questions raise, to pack a lunch or not to pack a lunch. Did I do the laundry, do the kids have underwear, did I save the meeting agenda that I was toiling over for 3 hours off the clock last night? Not to worry, I have a few obvious, but forgotten strategies to help make your mornings a little less hectic. It's all about simple pre-planning. Easy? Yes. But do we often forget to do it? YES!! Here is a simple hour-before-bed to do list. Jot these down in your smart phone and even set a reminder an hour or two before bed so that you don't forget.

1. Make sure that the clothes for the next day are out, ironed, and ready to be jumped into (if not, add another hour to this list and toss a load of laundry into the wash while we work on the balance).

 2. Make sure that whatever can be packaged for lunch is already done. Make the sandwiches and put them in the 'fridge next to the juice-box that's gong to accompany it. This way you can grab them in the morning and toss them (lightly) into their lunch box or bag. Pack the box or bag now with non-perishable snacks, an apple, a bag of chips, that sweet snack...nothing to sweet though, we want the afternoon to be productive. We also don't want to bombard the teacher with sugar-wired kids. Have the lunch box or bag on the counter and waiting for the juice-box and sandwich. This alone will take 3 minutes off of the morning rush and and 15 minutes of stress off of your plate.

3. I like for my kids to take a bath or shower at night, so that in the morning, the only thing to do is brush their teeth and comb their hair after they wash their faces. My kids are small though, 3 and 7, so most of get-ready time is mommy's job. If you kids are older, have them shower at night. Girls will probably tell them got get up 15 minutes earlier for shower time. (Now you should be grabbing the laundry from #1 and tossing it into the dryer)

 4. For little ones, you can even get breakfast going late at night. A low-sugar, high in fiber cereal is your best friend in the morning. Pour the bowls and place them in the fridge next to a small glass of milk and a small glass of juice. For 5 year olds and above, this will again save you about 5 minutes of breakfast making time because they can grab it themselves. This is that 5 minutes you need in the morning for mascara and lipstick so that you don't run over the crossing guard trying to do it while you are driving- bad mommy!

 5. Now you should be hanging up the clothes from #1 so that you don't have to iron them in the morning. Put socks, and underwear out as well so that there is no confusion in the morning. If you have time on the weekend, you can do this for the entire week. Also make certain that respective book-bags are packed and by the door.

Finally, have yourself a relaxing cup of chamomile tea (or wine) before bed. This will help you relax and free your mind so that you are not as stressed out as the kids in the morning when you're yelling 5 more minutes...3 more minutes!!!

Trust me, these simple night time tips will save you time and stress in the morning. It may take a week or so for you to get it down to a 30 minute science, but it will be well worth it in the morning! Have an amazing week!!! Welcome back to the school year!


Tuesday, September 3, 2013


How do you guys edit your video for home or personal use? I had been using just the simple Microsoft program that comes with the original settings, but as my videos began to get more involved, and I realized that I needed more, I began using Movavi! Movavi offers so many options! You can do all of the basics, but your video, add audio,etc, but it also allows you to add multiple audio files. This way if you want to do voice overlay AND music, you can. The other program that I was using did not allow that. You can also add special effects, audio and video transitions...the options are endless, or should I say only as far as your imagination will allow! Be sure to follow Movavi Facebook. There you can network with other users, and even trade secrets!! What are you waiting for? You know that you've always wanted to do videos!! Get started today with Movavi!! xoxo D

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Father's Day is coming...

As someone who's father was not very active (practically invisible) in her life, I found that this day really didn't mean anything to me. Now however, that I have a wonderful father for my children in my life, I look for wonderful ways to show him how much he means to us (when he's not driving me crazy). At a loss for ideas? Here are some thoughts...

If your father figure is into fitness...or just starting out, a great watch to help keep him on track would be ideal. Try a Polar watch!! This one is really cool...

If your guy is less into fitness and more into beer...a beer of the month subscription might be a cool idea...Check out Beer of the Month Club and see what I mean. 

If he's been working hard all year at being a great dad, then maybe a massage is what he needs. Yes, men need those too! Check out Groupon or Living Social for great deals on a massage in your area! Dad will thank you!!!

Don't forget to with that amazing man a Happy Father's Day for me!!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Shoe a Day...Sexy again!

Donald's daughter Ivanka has a serious eye for shoe design. Not only are the designs gorgeous...but she offers wide widths too!!! Thanks girl!! We love the Asteria at for a wedding or just to add bling to your cropped leggings...