Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Coupon Chief

Coupons, coupons, coupons...extreme couponing, double couponing, triple couponing...what does it all mean already?!?!? If you're a girl (or guy) after my own heart, then it means extra bucks to buy more shoes or makeup!! So...on to business!!

I was recently turned on to this AMAZING site called At first glance it seems like your average coupon site where you can go on and look for coupons at your favorite store. Upon further inspection, I found that not only offers to help you save money, but it also offers to send you money as well!! Imagine!!! Interested?? Well, read on my frugalistas, read on!!

So, with, you can search for your favorite stores...such as Target

or my oldest daughter's favorite store...Spencer's.

Up pop whatever coupons are currently available for either in-store or online...YAY!! Now you can purchase that sheesh-I-gotta-buy-my-coworker-something-cause-she-bought-me-something-unexpectedly-gift at a discount!! Yay!! If you prefer to shop for a specific item, you can plug in the item name in the "Search For A Coupon" field. Try looking for that PS3 that you've been waiting to go on sale all season...or perhaps L'Oreal for that black eye liner that you've been eyeing at the drug store. Either way, search to your little heart's content, you are bound to find excellent coupons.

"How can I make money already," you ask?? Check this out. You know how sometimes you get emails or coupons in the mail from let's say Macy's or Old Navy and you toss 'em because shopping is just not in the budget this month? Well hold on pardner!! Click on the Submit A Coupon tab from the main page at and input that baby. Whenever people use your coupon, you will receive 2% of the sale!!! You have to sign up to be a part of the program at the Pays-2-Share tab, but how crazy is that?!?!? Ok, so you're thinking...2%...that's bird feed. Really? Well, considering receives over 250k visitors monthly and let's just say for example a 1000 of those people (that's less than 1%) made just a $10 purchase with your coupon codes, that would net you approximately $200 directly into your Paypal account. It would take a pretty big bird to eat all of that feed buddy!!! And you didn't do a thing, but input a code. Pretty awesome for 2 minutes work, wouldn't you say??

So, bottom line, I LOVE CouponChief, and so should you. Come look for me once you get settled, I'm Ajannasmom of course!!