Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Coupon Chief

Coupons, coupons, coupons...extreme couponing, double couponing, triple couponing...what does it all mean already?!?!? If you're a girl (or guy) after my own heart, then it means extra bucks to buy more shoes or makeup!! So...on to business!!

I was recently turned on to this AMAZING site called At first glance it seems like your average coupon site where you can go on and look for coupons at your favorite store. Upon further inspection, I found that not only offers to help you save money, but it also offers to send you money as well!! Imagine!!! Interested?? Well, read on my frugalistas, read on!!

So, with, you can search for your favorite stores...such as Target

or my oldest daughter's favorite store...Spencer's.

Up pop whatever coupons are currently available for either in-store or online...YAY!! Now you can purchase that sheesh-I-gotta-buy-my-coworker-something-cause-she-bought-me-something-unexpectedly-gift at a discount!! Yay!! If you prefer to shop for a specific item, you can plug in the item name in the "Search For A Coupon" field. Try looking for that PS3 that you've been waiting to go on sale all season...or perhaps L'Oreal for that black eye liner that you've been eyeing at the drug store. Either way, search to your little heart's content, you are bound to find excellent coupons.

"How can I make money already," you ask?? Check this out. You know how sometimes you get emails or coupons in the mail from let's say Macy's or Old Navy and you toss 'em because shopping is just not in the budget this month? Well hold on pardner!! Click on the Submit A Coupon tab from the main page at and input that baby. Whenever people use your coupon, you will receive 2% of the sale!!! You have to sign up to be a part of the program at the Pays-2-Share tab, but how crazy is that?!?!? Ok, so you're thinking...2%...that's bird feed. Really? Well, considering receives over 250k visitors monthly and let's just say for example a 1000 of those people (that's less than 1%) made just a $10 purchase with your coupon codes, that would net you approximately $200 directly into your Paypal account. It would take a pretty big bird to eat all of that feed buddy!!! And you didn't do a thing, but input a code. Pretty awesome for 2 minutes work, wouldn't you say??

So, bottom line, I LOVE CouponChief, and so should you. Come look for me once you get settled, I'm Ajannasmom of course!!


Friday, November 11, 2011

The Master Cleanse...bum bum buuuummmm...

Ok, so my daughter has decided to join the Navy. Please don't ask, and yes, I'm devastated but supportive. She needs to lose 15lbs so that she qualifies, and I need to lose like 50lbs just cause I'm chunky. She talked me into doing this alleged "master cleanse" with her for 10 days. Not sure how long I'm going to make it, but effort will be put forward. Here are the basics...

7 1/2 oz water
1 1/2 tbs. grade B maple syrup
1 1/2 tbs. fresh lemon juice
a pinch of cayenne pepper

Drink this concoction along with 8oz of water at least 8 times per day or whenever you're hungry.

The purpose of this cleanse is to clean out your body and prepare it for accepting good and healthy foods. Some people use it to lose a few pounds for a special event or what have you, but it's supposed to be an overall cleanse.

So, for us, it's Day one. I've weighed myself just for the purposes of keeping you updated. I will NOT be sharing my actual poundage, only what if anything is lost lol.

So, heeeere we go!!!!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

How is YOUR spirit looking?

I went to a shoot a couple of months ago for a project that was being done for a cosmetics company's special 10 year anniversary. There were beautiful women there from all walks of life. 20-something ladies in school, 30-something business women, all chatting and excited about the filming and being a part of something this revolutionary. Now, as with any large group of people, there were a few that left that "bad taste" in your mouth.

One of the questions asked of us for the filming was to the effect of " do you measure beauty in yourself and others". One of the ladies remarked to me, "If your spirit is ugly, then regardless of how you look on the outside, it's a wrap." Well, in my opinion she hit the nail on the head with that one. More often than not, we as women meet one another with a raised or furrowed brow as opposed to a warm smile and nice hello. We scrutinize attire from head to toe as if we are stylists to the stars! Ever stop to think why? Well, I did. I have a theory. It's all about your own self esteem and demons. If you know that you are not true, then you will constantly and consistantly be weary of others that may be like you. If you know that your intentions are less than honorable, then you are going to again be concerned that others are too looking to get the preverbial leg up at your expense.

Give it a rest yall. Life is short, and love is abundant in supply. So I ask you 2012...

How is YOUR spirit looking?

Friday, October 7, 2011

Nu-Grow Giveaway!!

Hey guys!!! Thanks for checking out my YouTube channel and my blog. I know I babble a lot, so thanks for hanging in there with me. So...on to the good stuff!!

Nu-Gro sent me a full 16oz size of their new Oil-Free Lite spray!!

So hopefully you read my last blog on Nu-Gro and their offerings. Here's the question that you need to answer on my YouTube video...

How may types of Hair Oil does Nu-Gro currently offer based on my blog?

Post your answer to my YouTube video have until next Monday, September 17, 2001 11:59pm EST, good luck!!

DO NOT post your answer here. Please click on the video and post it there.



Thursday, October 6, 2011

Nu-Gro Hair Products

Nu-Gro is a natural products company started in 1988 at Shreveport, LA. The creator was W.D. Andrews, but as of 2003, the company is being run by his son, Greg Andrews. Nu-Gro's primary focus has been hair growth products, however, they also offer a range of other natural products including weight-loss, eye lash growth, and arthritis and gout pain ointment.

Nu-Gro's hair care line is extensive and offers something for everyone. I've been using the system off and on since 2009 and have notice (along with others) a HUGE difference in my hair's thickness and length. Often I'm asked what types of hair the product can be used on. According to Greg, they've tried the products on 42 nationalities with positive hair growth results on all.

I started using Nu-Gro in February of 2009. Over the previous year, I had noticed my hair thinning which was foreign to me because growing up I'd ALWAYS had thick hair. My beautician attributed it to my age (at the time I was 34, stress, child birth, etc. I heard her, but was not willing to give up. I think I'd tried just about every shampoo and conditioner that had been raved about from here to the moon. Price was no object for me either. If it was $.99 or $50, I was ready to put the investment into the health of my hair. So around that time, I ran across a video from Ateyaaa on YouTube about this new product called Nu-Gro that was doing wonders for her hair. Well why not give it at try? Ateya's hair was gorgeous, and shiny. So I immediately placed my order and waited patiently for my shipment(thankfully it only took two days). I opened the box and ran to wash my hair!! The first thing that I noticed was that this green grainy concoction smelled like medicine. At that point though, I was willing to try anything. There were actual pieces of herbs in the shampoo, you could see them, feel The shampoo was also very thin, but did build a nice lather after the first wash. I could not believe how silky my hair felt during this wash, especially since I was in dire need of a touch up. I followed through with the conditioner, which was thick, but not super thick like a treatment. Once I finished, my hair was like butta'!! I noticed a difference right away. I incorporated Hair Gro Oil with the shampoo and conditioner, and watched my hair grow and thicken like magic!! If you're interested in more details, here are some of my videos from YouTube with more details.

As of 2011, Nu-Gro has revamped their products and have an amazing line of new inventory. From 2009 to now, I feel like there was a new product every time I went to purchase replacements. Here are a few of the products currently in their line. For more details, check out the Nu-Gro website.

Shampoo: moisturizing, sulfate free ($9.99)
Conditioner: regular, moisturizing for dry hair ($9.99)
Hair Oil: baby, professional, super, temple balm, styling pomade, liquid (from $5.99-$15.99)
Moisturizing Spray ($9.99)
Oil Free Spray: original, light ($9.99)
Petroleum Free Hair Butter ($11.99)
Nu-Laxer Hair Relaxer Kit contains no chemicals ($18.99)

So, if you haven't already, I hope that you will give Nu-Gro a try. They ALWAYS have a sale or promotion going on, so run to the website: If you do, make sure you enter discount code dynamite at checkout to receive an additional 10% off already reasonably priced products that actually work!!

Any questions...holla at ya girl!


Sunday, August 21, 2011

Health Helpers!!

Hey guys!! In case you didn't know already, I LOOOVE Dr. Oz and The Doctors!! They offer super duper health advice. Here are some tips to help you and your loved ones live longer...all jam packed in ONE place!!! Add more if you have em, I WILL!! XOXO...


Chromium Polynicotinate (200 MCG/day): helps prevent diabetes

Magnesium: lowers risk of colon cancer in women

IP-6 (Inositol Hexaphosphate): May help prevent colon, liver, and lung cancer. Take 500mg twice daily

Black Raspberry: May help prevent esophageal and cervical cancer. Take 300MG twice daily

Vitamin D: May help prvent cervical, breast and colorectal cancer. 1000 IU per day


Beets: rich in iron; allows blood to flow, dilates blood vessels; contain betanins starve tumors and keep cancer cells from diving. 1/4 cup per day can help prevent kidney cancer.

Juiced super drink: Beets, carrots, parsley, apple

Papaya: contains lycopene, ruten, and cryptozanthen. One per week can lower your risk of cervical cancer.

Jumbo Shrimp: contains omega 3 fatty acids cancer fighter that starves tumor cells. Eating 8 or 9 per day can reduce your risk of breast cancer.

Unsalted Cashews: contains proanthocyanidins that also starve tumor cells; prevent cancer cells from dividing. Eating 12 per day can lower your risk of colon cancer.

Caffeinated coffee: caffeine allegedly stimulates the 'suicide' of cancer cells; helps prevent breast,colon, uterine, neck, head, brain and prostate cancer.

Filtered water (that you filter from your tap): helps prevent colon and bladder cancer.

Beer: protects against certain bacteria that may lead to ulcers. ONLY One drink per day helps prevent cancer.

Sauerkraut: protects against cancer. The fermentation process of the cabbage helps increase stronger anti-carcinogenic elements.

Guys, please do your own research, I am not a doctor or health practitioner. ALWAYS check with your physician before you change your eating habits or add any supplements to your diet!!

Stay healthy!!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Weight loss tips

Hey guys!!! Need some tips?? I SURE DO!!! I've been slaaackin!!! Til I saw a picture of myself on a boat ride. I was wondering if I was still pregnant or not...Anyhoo, here are some helpers in our quest! I've gathered these from television, magazines...etc, but in the end, always do YOUR OWN RESEARCH!!

1. Cayenne Pepper - metabolism booster - sprinkle on at least two meals a day, or take the suppliment tablets, two per day will do.

2. Green tea - metabolism booster

3. Vitamin B complex - metabolism & energy booster

4. Cinnamon - 1 tsp per day - metabolism booster (makes your liver more sensetive to insulin, so your body is less resistant; lowering your blood sugar)

5. Safflower Oil - possible belly fat buster - use it in cooking or on salads, you can also opt for sunflower seeds 3 teaspoons per day.

6. Raspberry Keynotes - supplement that will help trick your body into thinking it's skinny, therefore burning more calories!

7. Keto-7 - drops that help boost your metabolism. Take 100 mg in the morning and 100 mg at night.

8. Forskolin- Helps break down stored fat (who doesn't want THAT?!?). Take 125 mg in the morning. Be sure to get the right dosing by looking at the label. It must read that it is standardized to 20% forskolin.

9. Relora - Helps you lose stubborn belly fat!! OOOOOWWWW!! Take 250mg of Relora three times a day – or one dose with every meal.

10. Alpha Lipolic Acid - Help reduce the inflimation of fat cells so that they will release one another... Take 200mg with each meal.


Now, don't think you can drink green tea and eat sunflower seeds and the fat will melt away. The absolute bottom line is that...

1: the input has to be less than the output. Meaning, if you eat 2000 calories per day, you want to try to burn at least 2500 if you're trying to lose weight. Don't be afraid, you burn calories by, like 10, but seriously, you've got to MOVE...Excercise helps everything. Plus, it helps keep your body use in losing weight and looking like a prune...


2: you MUST modify your diet IF you are trying to lose weight. Once you reach your goal, you can have a cheat day...not a go crazy day, but one day per week that you can have that cheesecake slice, that fried chicken dinner, or that ice cream sunday. You HAVE to enjoy life if you are going to be successful in reaching your goals.

I'm with you, we can do it...

Please feel free to post any tips that you might have for weightloss and getting on course.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Shed those extra pounds!!

Hey guys...

If you're like me you've got an extra 5...10...15...OKAY!!!! 40 pounds to shed. If you're even more like me, you hate dieting, and you hate working out even more. If you're my twin, then you're over 35 and you need to face reality!!! LOL...we have GOT to work out. There is no way that you are going to be able to:

a. lose weight, or
b. get toned

without working out. So, I've purchased several videos that I plan to use at home and give you some updates on. I have Tony Horton's 10 minute trainer which is kick-a** on a dvd. It is killer!!! But that lets you know it will work; I've got Core Rhythms which is cool, and starts off slow, but you totally feel it the next day...again, it works; and lastly, I've been taking advantage of my Comcast/Xfinity on Demand feature which also offers a work out channel on my terms. So look for that in the future.

So, right now, let's talk about eating healthy...NOT dieting. When you think of dieting, you automatically thing uuuuuhhh....nothing that I can enjoy, lettuce three times a day, and water. It doesn't have to be that ,way. There are lots of alternatives. Hungry Girl, Lisa Lillien,(looove heeerr!!) offers great alternatives to those high fat, yummy goodies that we love like burgers and fries, and sundaes!!! Her philosophy is keeping all meals under 300 calories. She's got a show on the Cooking channel now too!!! Also, the 17 day diet is awesome for me at least. I've been doing it off and on for several weeks. Not as diligently as I should have, but enough that I've lost 25lbs.

The bottom line to getting those pounds off is focus, determination, keeping yourself full, and not doing a lot of mindless eating. Everything should be conscious. Eventually, it will become second nature. Again though, if you're like me, you have to STAY focused at least until you reach your goal weight. Once I eat something naughty, I have a hard time refocusing.

So, for you my loves, I offer a couple of Lisa's Hungry Girl alternative recipes, and a list of 17 day diet "authorized" foods.

Hungry Girl recipes (from the June 17th Woman's World Mag):

Buffalo Chicken Wing Macaroni & Cheese

4.5 oz uncooked elbow macaroni with at least 2g of fiber per 2 oz serving
2 stalks celery, chopped
2 medium carrots, chopped
1 small onion, chopped, 8oz cooked skinless chicken breast, shredded
1 tsp chopped garlic
1/4 C Frank's RedHot sauce
1/2 C fat free sour cream
2 wedges The Laughing Cow light creamy swiss cheese
2 tsp yellow mustard
1.5 Tbs reduced fat Parmesan style grated topping
1 Tbs chopped fresh parsley

-Preheat oven to 350F. Cook pasta to al dente, drain; reserve
-Mist nonstick skillet with cooking spray. Over medium-high heat add celery, carrots and onion; stir occasionally until veggies soften, 5 minutes. Add chicken, garlic and 3 Tbs. hot sauce. Mix well.
-In microwave-safe bowl, mix sour cream, cheese wedges, mustard and 1 Tbs hot sauce. Microwave 30 seconds.
-Mist 8"x8" baking pan with nonstick spray' add half of pasta. Top with layers of chicken mixture, remaining pasta and sour cream mixture. Sprinkle with grated topping and parsley. Bake until bubbly, 30 minutes


Strawberry Cheesecake Minis

8 low fat honey graham crackers (2 sheets)
1 3/4 tsp unflavored gelatin
16 oz fat free cream cheese softened
1/4 cup fat free egg substitute
1/4 cup lite vanilla soy milk
1/2 cup Splenda
2 tsp Coffee-mate fat free french vanilla powder creamer, dissolved in 1 Tbs warm water
1 1/2 tsp vanilla extract
1/2 C sugar free strawberry preserves
1/4 tsp unflavored gelatin

-Preheat oven to 350F
-Crush graham crackers into crumbs. Line a 12-cup muffin pan with baking cups; distribute crumbs. Shake pan so crumbs settle. Bake 5 minutes, then remove.
-Dissolve gelatin in 1/4 cup boiling water. Stir vigorously until smooth, Reserve.
-Place cream cheese in mixing bowl. In separate bowl, combine all other ingredients, including gelatin. With mixer on low, blend into cream cheese. With mixer on medium-high, beat until free of lumps. Spoon into baking cups; bake 15 minutes (until tops begin to crack).
-Combine topping ingredients; stir well. Once cheesecakes are done, remove from oven. Distribute topping among cheesecakes. Return pan to oven, 5 minutes.
-Allow pan to cool, 20 minutes; refrigerate until chilled (at least 3 hours). Keep refrigerated until ready to serve
Servings: 4

17 Day Diet:

The overall concept is for the first 17 days to eat veggies, some fresh fruits, lean meats, drink lots of water and green tea. Stay away from sugars, starches, etc. Hard, yes, but it's only for 17 days. The next 17 days, you will incorporate some starches slowly back into your diet, and alternate those days with the original 17 days. There is a third set of 17 days, but your girl hasn't made it that far...LOL...check out the info on The Doctor's page (loooove them!!!).

Start with the first 17 days...the Accelerate step.

Eat unlimited amounts of green veggies (spinach, lettuce, broccoli, etc) along with other veggies...onions, mushrooms, etc. No starches like potatoes!!
Two servings of fruits (low sugar fruits like red grapes, grapefruit, berries, and apples) can be eaten daily prior to 2pm as the body does not metabolize the sugars well after that time (since we are normally mostly at rest then).
Two servings of probiotics should be eaten daily. My choice is fat free or low fat probiotic yogurt, preferably Greek (Chobani is the BOMB!!!)
Again, unlimited amounts of lean meats including egg whites, ground turkey, fish and chicken breast.

Happy healthfulness!!!
XOXOX - Dyna

Friday, May 27, 2011

Hair remedies...

Remember back in the day when your grandmother had a fix for anything that 'ailed' you? At times, like myself, you probably thought that old-timers (Alzheimer's) was setting it, and didn't think much of her 'cure'. Well, as it turns, she was probably right. Check out some of these remedies that really work on your overworked hair!!

Dry strands?
Try a mixture of egg, olive oil, avocado, mayo, and honey!!


The egg's power is in the yolk...all that nasty cholesterol will help strengthen and thicken your locs.
The olive oil is great for moisture and shine, not just a base for all of Rachael Ray's dishes...well, she uses EVOO!!
The yummy avocado is awesome for deep conditioning, not only adding some texture to your salad...
The mayonnaise is also great for strengthening your hair, not only cream-ifyin' your potato salad.
Last but not least, the honey is great for shining up and smoothing out your tresses!!

If you can sit under a dryer for 15 minutes great, if not, just put a plastic bag on your head and do your toes for about half an hour. You'll love you for it!!

Are you a beach bunny?? Love the water? Salt or chlorine? Well, I am willing to bet the farm that your hair is not a fan of either. Before going onto the beach or jumping into the pool, coat your hair an oil, olive, avocado, whatever...or a nice leave in conditioner... shield it from absorbing the toxins and losing moisture. Be sure to rinse your hair immediately once you are out of the water...

Hope this helps a little...and don't forget the sunscreen for your skin, no matter what your complexion!! African Americans can burn too!!


Thursday, May 19, 2011

Extreme Couponing

Ok, so I know I'm late, but I had to come and chat about this new hot topic...

As for the show, I love it...totally entertaining and over the top. Everything I look for in 'reality' tv.

Is it really possible? Absolutely, if you can figure out how to get 100 coupons for $.75 off of gatorade...have a store in your area that not only doubles your coupon, but is offering gatorade for $1.50. Therefore, you can start your own stockpile with 100 free bottles of gatorade.

A little much? Completely. LOL...

I live in the north east. Bargains are few and far between here. But let's call it 'Super Couponing', as opposed to extreme. How's that?

As of late, Pathmark (though another few and far between luxury in my area) has been offering double and TRIPLE coupons over the weekends up to and including $1 AND $2!!! That is pretty amazing considering the number of things you can get for $ I ended up with quite the amount of 'free' items.

Couponing is all about organization, diligence, and preparation. You can do it. Even if you are not getting 25 cases of soup, you can probably feed your family for the month on just $50.

Make sure you check out your local Sunday paper and online coupon spots (coupon mom, common sense with money etc.), match up your local grocery store with the coupons, and you're on your way. You may not find everything that you want every time, but you should be able to get some pretty good deals.

I've been thinking about starting a coupon club.

We would get online, and trade coupons across the country, let me know what you think and if you would be interested..

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A little help for new moms on a budget...

Hey guys, real quick on this one. You can get a free baby sling (for babies and toddlers up to 35lbs) at Seven Slings!! You're only paying the shipping. The slings are adorable, and will truly come in handy. Use promo code FAMILY2011.

Also, if you're a nursing mom and in need of a nursing cover, go to Udder Covers again, you're only paying for the shipping!! Use promo code SEVEN

These would make a great gift as well...share with a friend. There's no limit to the number of times you can use the codes.


Monday, March 21, 2011

My Hair Regimen

Hey guys!!

I get tons and tons of questions from my You Tube subscribers on how to get healthy hair. I find myself writing the same things over and over and over again. So I've decided to put all of my findings here.

I'm not a professional...not by a long shot. What I am about to share with you is what I've learned over the years. These tips are from trial and error, pro-tips, and chatting with friends.

My hair has always been thick. But It's always been no longer than just below my ears. I've always had some level of breakage, shedding, something. I've always been very aware of my hair. I would absolutely NOT leave my house without curling my hair. It was a no no. That lasted throughout my teen years, and most of my 20s.

By my 30s, I realized that something had to change. My hair was strong, why wouldn't it grow past my shoulders? I started to experiment with different brands. I've used Creme of Nature, Motions, Nexxus, Nioxin, Suave, Biolage, Pantene, you name it!! I've used shampoos, conditioners, conditioning shampoos, serums, anti-frizz creams, blow dry lotions, leave-in conditioners, protein packs, deep conditioners, mousse, hairspray, gel, grease, oil, name it!!

Then, one day, I was watching YouTube, Ateyaaa's channel to be exact, and came upon these natural products that she was raving about. Nugro. I figured I'd tried everything else, so why not give this a try as well. My first order was in January of 2009. I ordered the hair grow oil, the shampoo and conditioner. I noticed a difference in my hair right away. Like literally the first use. My hair felt silkier, smoother, and was more manageable while it was wet. When I started using the Nugro, my hair wasn't shedding or breaking, it was just not as thick as it has always been and I wanted my thickness back and some length. I wanted maximum results, so here's what I did:

My Nugro regimen January 2009

--I Shampooed and conditioned with the Nugro once a week following the instruction on the bottle.

--I parted my hair in half inch sections and applied the hair oil to my scalp twice a day religiously. The hair grow oil (which was really a grease) made my hair so greasy and heavy, I couldn't do anything with it but put it in a ponytail or wear a wig or half wig.

--I used the moisturizing spray twice a day. I loved it to wrap my hair with at night.

--I wrapped my hair every night as well, no exceptions.

I notice my hair was getting thicker and longer by June. I decided that I wanted to wear it out more, so I went from applying the oil twice a day to twice a week, but it was still super thick, so I went back to the website. It seemed like there were new products every time I went back to order more products. I ordered the dry hair formula conditioner, and the coconut oil based hair oil, because it was lighter. I incorporated both into the regimen above.

By December, my hair was past my shoulders and super thick, yay!!! I started using the oil free spray at this point. It was chock full of alcohol, so I used it sparingly so as not to dry my hair out. I used it two times a week, directly on my scalp. I kept the same regimen above, but only used the oil once a week and the moisturizing spray once a week as well.

I kept my Nugro regimen up for a little less than two years. My hair is doing pretty well now. I've noticed some changes in Nugro, so I'm not as diligent with the product as I am with my regimen. Here is my healthy hair regimen:

My Current Hair Regimen:

--Wash with a good moisturizing shampoo every week or every other week.
--Condition with a good moisturizing conditioner with every wash.
--Deep condition every two weeks
--Towel dry
--Blow dry to 85% dry
--Add quarter size (depending on length) silkening or anti-frizz serum,(I use Chi Infusion)and work through damp hair, finish blow drying.
--Add your favorite flat iron/thermal protectant (I use Fantasia's IC spray) and flat iron.
--Wrap EVERY night to avoid breakage, if necessary, use a light touch of the serum or a leave in spray to help wrap and keep in moisture.
--Touch up every 8 weeks or better AT THE SALON ONLY
--Trim with touch up
I may oil my hair during the week if my ends feel dry (I use the liquid Nugro hair oil)

******I never do my own touch ups anymore******
I know it can get expensive, but if you think about it, you can save $10 every week and by week 8, you will have $80. That should cover your touch up plus a tip (hopefully).

Hair Tips:

~~Never curl your hair dirty. Only curl it right after you wash it. The dirt and oils from the week can help lead to breakage. Plus, the more you curl your hair, the weaker it becomes and will break easily.

~~Be aware of what you eat. A healthy diet leads to healthy hair.

~~Medications and an excess of vitamins can also harm your hair growth and health.

~~When all else fails, talk with your physician, stylist, or a dermatologist

Whew! That was a lot!! I'm including some of my regimen videos and you can always google your questions or search topics on You Tube. There are lots and lots of fantastical gurus out there who know what they're talking about. I'm just a girl with a lot of life experience.

Hope this helps.

Let me know if you have any input or questions...


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Bath and Body Works!!

Hey guys and gals...

Bath and Body Works are having their 2 for $20 sale on their huge candles!! The candles are usually $19.50 each. They have some new fruity (my fave) scents too...get yours while they last, I just ordered mine.

Also, I found a great coupon code on that allowed me another 20% off with basically gave me free shipping!!! Don't miss out!!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Makeup on men


When you look at that fine guy in the magazine, do you realize that his skin is so smooth and silky looking because he has makeup on? Yes girls (and boys)...that amazingly bronzed Adonis is wearing foundation.

Tell me, how do you feel about it?

What about in real life now...YOU are the one with makeup on your shirt when he leaves....

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

For all my shopping girls!!!

GIRLHAUL.COM, a social networking site for girls to share shopping "haul" videos, how-to tutorials, and fashion & beauty product reviews is seeking "Alpha Haulers" and regular spokeswomen/hosts talent for its site. Amy McKeever, casting. Shoots early Feb., plus periodic assignments as needed.

Seeking—Alpha Haulers: female, 16-24, should be genuinely interested in fashion and familiar with hauling, will be asked to upload four haul video segments on the site describing fashion purchases, opinions, etc. within one week of selection. Note: Based on site response, producers will select several stellar "SpokesHaulers" to interview fashion personalities, report on fashion trends, fashion shows, and convention events. All assignments are on the talent's own time, wherever they have access to, with various on-location assignments for the spokeswomen.

Open call interviews will be held Jan. 26, 4-8 p.m. at Ripley-Grier Studios, 520 Eighth Ave. (btwn. 36th & 37th sts.), 16th fl., NYC. Interviews will be held in five- to 10-minute increments. Producers guarantee face time. For more info, visit Pay, plus credit, meals, travel, and lodging provided.

Monday, January 10, 2011


Good day yall!!!

Ok, seriously, I've been doing well on my 'eating right' kick. I totally refuse to call it a diet because I'm not dieting. I'm just eating better and calculating everything. Plus, I'm still I have to keep my calories up for Mason. Not too high though.

So this morning, I ran to CVS just to pick up some baby bananas and some wipes...and what did I see...aside from the 75% off on quite the bit of makeup (yes, I bought too much that I don't need)...they had 75% off on Christmas stuff including...

Reeses Peanut Butter Cups Minis (in the holiday bag)


Why did I purchase it? I've been poppin' Reeses like at this point, I've wasted 660 calories, like a third of my calories for the day blown on crap. Do we intentionally sabotage ourselves...?? Not only with food, but in life. Do we put ourselves in situations that we KNOW we shouldn't be in and then have the deer-in-the-headlights look...??

Saturday, January 8, 2011


Hey yall!!

Don't you hate that people you don't see until February STILL say Happy New Year to you? LOL...whatever. I'm sayin' it to ya, a week late, and I'm meaning it. I'm wishing you the best year yet!!

So I figured I'd come and do a quick damn-them-all blog to begin the year. Happy time, right? LOL...

I just got off the line with my neice who is getting married this year...YAY...she's such a good girl. She tells me how she had to postpone her wedding because this person wanted this, that person wanted that...the date wasn't good for everyone...blah blah blah.


Ok, here is where the real Dyna comes in to play. WTH?!?! I told her that this is going to be HER day. She should not have to make it convenient or comfortable for anyone (unless of course it's her future mother-in-law...and only to a degree) but her and her future husband. People will try your last nerve. I can't even imagine that someone would tell anyone that their colors are wrong, there dress style is wrong, they don't like the food choices or ANYTHING...that they have chosen for their own wedding is wrong. OMG people have NERVE!! And do you know what she said to me at the end of the call? Auntie, I know that the kids' birthdays are in September (yes, all 3 of my kids were born in September), and the wedding is going to be then too, so what day would be best for you?

-Blank Stare-

THIS IS GOING TO BE YOUR DAY!!!! DON'T ASK ANYONE ANYTHING, TELL THEM, INCLUDING ME!! I will make it my business to be there...She's such a sweetie.

So, my 'New Year' advice to you (and to me) is THIS IS GOING TO BE YOUR YEAR...MAKE IT ABOUT YOU...DAMN WHAT "they" SAY...THEY DON'T KNOW SQUAT!!! Seriously, you can listen, but it's all about you and what you want. Stop letting others decide your fate and alleged happiness. Make 2011 yours!!