Sunday, October 30, 2011

How is YOUR spirit looking?

I went to a shoot a couple of months ago for a project that was being done for a cosmetics company's special 10 year anniversary. There were beautiful women there from all walks of life. 20-something ladies in school, 30-something business women, all chatting and excited about the filming and being a part of something this revolutionary. Now, as with any large group of people, there were a few that left that "bad taste" in your mouth.

One of the questions asked of us for the filming was to the effect of " do you measure beauty in yourself and others". One of the ladies remarked to me, "If your spirit is ugly, then regardless of how you look on the outside, it's a wrap." Well, in my opinion she hit the nail on the head with that one. More often than not, we as women meet one another with a raised or furrowed brow as opposed to a warm smile and nice hello. We scrutinize attire from head to toe as if we are stylists to the stars! Ever stop to think why? Well, I did. I have a theory. It's all about your own self esteem and demons. If you know that you are not true, then you will constantly and consistantly be weary of others that may be like you. If you know that your intentions are less than honorable, then you are going to again be concerned that others are too looking to get the preverbial leg up at your expense.

Give it a rest yall. Life is short, and love is abundant in supply. So I ask you 2012...

How is YOUR spirit looking?

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