Sunday, May 27, 2012

Bust your belly with supplements!

Ok guys, so summer is right around the block and I know that a lot of you are working on that tummy region. Well, our good ole' guy, Dr. Oz had a show on the other day suggesting some vitamins and minerals that can be used to help with just that. I've taken the liberty of putting them all in one place for you.

I've also done some research and added the best prices found on the web. Please do your own research as I have not purchased these items from these shops. Please also remember that there is no quick fix. Diet and exercise make all the difference in the world. These supplements are just that. Good luck!! Let me know if they work for you!!

 7-Keto: Helps boost metabolism by stimulating thyroid gland and converting fat to muscle. Take 100MG in the AM and 100MG in the PM.

Forskolin: Helps the body melt away fat cells. Take 125mg (20% forskolin on the label)in the AM.

Caraway seeds: Helps to diminish the bloated feeling by diminishing gas. Take a pinch after every meal.

Relora: Helps regulate the stress hormone Cortisol which contribute to extra belly fat. Take 250mg 3 times per day at each meal.

And an added bonus to help curb your appetite, try:

Saffron Extract (only the Satiereal blend): Take 88mg twice daily.