Thursday, October 6, 2011

Nu-Gro Hair Products

Nu-Gro is a natural products company started in 1988 at Shreveport, LA. The creator was W.D. Andrews, but as of 2003, the company is being run by his son, Greg Andrews. Nu-Gro's primary focus has been hair growth products, however, they also offer a range of other natural products including weight-loss, eye lash growth, and arthritis and gout pain ointment.

Nu-Gro's hair care line is extensive and offers something for everyone. I've been using the system off and on since 2009 and have notice (along with others) a HUGE difference in my hair's thickness and length. Often I'm asked what types of hair the product can be used on. According to Greg, they've tried the products on 42 nationalities with positive hair growth results on all.

I started using Nu-Gro in February of 2009. Over the previous year, I had noticed my hair thinning which was foreign to me because growing up I'd ALWAYS had thick hair. My beautician attributed it to my age (at the time I was 34, stress, child birth, etc. I heard her, but was not willing to give up. I think I'd tried just about every shampoo and conditioner that had been raved about from here to the moon. Price was no object for me either. If it was $.99 or $50, I was ready to put the investment into the health of my hair. So around that time, I ran across a video from Ateyaaa on YouTube about this new product called Nu-Gro that was doing wonders for her hair. Well why not give it at try? Ateya's hair was gorgeous, and shiny. So I immediately placed my order and waited patiently for my shipment(thankfully it only took two days). I opened the box and ran to wash my hair!! The first thing that I noticed was that this green grainy concoction smelled like medicine. At that point though, I was willing to try anything. There were actual pieces of herbs in the shampoo, you could see them, feel The shampoo was also very thin, but did build a nice lather after the first wash. I could not believe how silky my hair felt during this wash, especially since I was in dire need of a touch up. I followed through with the conditioner, which was thick, but not super thick like a treatment. Once I finished, my hair was like butta'!! I noticed a difference right away. I incorporated Hair Gro Oil with the shampoo and conditioner, and watched my hair grow and thicken like magic!! If you're interested in more details, here are some of my videos from YouTube with more details.

As of 2011, Nu-Gro has revamped their products and have an amazing line of new inventory. From 2009 to now, I feel like there was a new product every time I went to purchase replacements. Here are a few of the products currently in their line. For more details, check out the Nu-Gro website.

Shampoo: moisturizing, sulfate free ($9.99)
Conditioner: regular, moisturizing for dry hair ($9.99)
Hair Oil: baby, professional, super, temple balm, styling pomade, liquid (from $5.99-$15.99)
Moisturizing Spray ($9.99)
Oil Free Spray: original, light ($9.99)
Petroleum Free Hair Butter ($11.99)
Nu-Laxer Hair Relaxer Kit contains no chemicals ($18.99)

So, if you haven't already, I hope that you will give Nu-Gro a try. They ALWAYS have a sale or promotion going on, so run to the website: If you do, make sure you enter discount code dynamite at checkout to receive an additional 10% off already reasonably priced products that actually work!!

Any questions...holla at ya girl!


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