Saturday, January 8, 2011


Hey yall!!

Don't you hate that people you don't see until February STILL say Happy New Year to you? LOL...whatever. I'm sayin' it to ya, a week late, and I'm meaning it. I'm wishing you the best year yet!!

So I figured I'd come and do a quick damn-them-all blog to begin the year. Happy time, right? LOL...

I just got off the line with my neice who is getting married this year...YAY...she's such a good girl. She tells me how she had to postpone her wedding because this person wanted this, that person wanted that...the date wasn't good for everyone...blah blah blah.


Ok, here is where the real Dyna comes in to play. WTH?!?! I told her that this is going to be HER day. She should not have to make it convenient or comfortable for anyone (unless of course it's her future mother-in-law...and only to a degree) but her and her future husband. People will try your last nerve. I can't even imagine that someone would tell anyone that their colors are wrong, there dress style is wrong, they don't like the food choices or ANYTHING...that they have chosen for their own wedding is wrong. OMG people have NERVE!! And do you know what she said to me at the end of the call? Auntie, I know that the kids' birthdays are in September (yes, all 3 of my kids were born in September), and the wedding is going to be then too, so what day would be best for you?

-Blank Stare-

THIS IS GOING TO BE YOUR DAY!!!! DON'T ASK ANYONE ANYTHING, TELL THEM, INCLUDING ME!! I will make it my business to be there...She's such a sweetie.

So, my 'New Year' advice to you (and to me) is THIS IS GOING TO BE YOUR YEAR...MAKE IT ABOUT YOU...DAMN WHAT "they" SAY...THEY DON'T KNOW SQUAT!!! Seriously, you can listen, but it's all about you and what you want. Stop letting others decide your fate and alleged happiness. Make 2011 yours!!


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