Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A Shoe A Day...Summer Shoes!!

Ok, so spring is here, and summer soon come!! What are you going to wear on those cute little tootsies of yours? Well, if you are like haven't had cute LITTLE tootsies since about 1981, so for us big and wide foot takes a little more searching and finding.

I am a 10W which is almost non existent in cute and sexy, so I usually opt for a size 11 for comfort. Lots of retailers are waking up though. With the plus size fashion revolution comes the big girl foot revolution....YAHOO!!! More size 11s are being made, I just have to be sneaky to find them.

So I've decided to give you a shoe a day for the next week. Here is the first. I own this one and I know you will love it!

The Deelight by Nine West is super sexy and very comfortable believe it or not. You can go from day to night with just a change of eye makeup!! LOL

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