Saturday, June 6, 2009

Nothing to do with fashion or makeup...

What the hell is wrong with teenagers these days? I came home yesterday to find that my 14 year old had pearced her fuquing lip. Yes, that's right...she did it herself...took a huge pin, a craft pin, not even a straight pin, and stuck it right through her face. I didn't know if I should strangle her or punch her in the face. Thankfully, I did neither. I just don't understand. I give her a good home, values, don't let her run the streets...which was a part of her rant about why she should be able to make her own mistatkes...WTF??

I NEVER would have done something like this. My grandmother would have KILLED me. Hell, I was even scared to write on my jeans...I don't know what the deal is these days. I'm just afraid that if this is 14, what in the holy hell is 16 going to look like...

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