Saturday, May 30, 2009

Soooo busy!!!

Hey there!! I've been so busy with our beauty blog, Jolies Dames, and my YouTube account, ajannasmom, that I've been a bit bogged down...nevertheless, here I am now.

So...what's on my mind today??? 35. That's how old I'll be on Wednesday. I feel good about it. I like to believe that I don't look my age...I'm trying to get my body back on track...have been going to Curves for the last two months religiously...I maintain my sexy dang it!! LOL...I've been more concentrating on my life moving forward. I'm in a relationship with a tall, sexy, hansome man that can put it down (tmi?? lol). I have two beautiful girls...a house...a career (that I loathe)...but I feel like something's missing.

My ex used to tell me that I was never slow down and smell the damned roses that were in my front yard. I always felt like if I stopped, that I would miss something. My mom told me that as a child, I never wanted to go to'I'll go lie down, but I'm not going to sleep...' imagine...fresh azz!! That's what's wrong with my kids now...they like they mama!! LOL...

My job is at a large telecommunications company, and they snatched my pension about 3 years ago, just before I found out that I was pregnant with my little one. So I'm like, what now? I'm working, but just to pay the bills and put a little away. I need something serious. Something that I can fall back on when I retire. I don't want to live in my kids' basement...I need a plan. I'm tired of the get rich quick schemes on-line...'YOU CAN BE MAKING $50000 A NIGHT WHILE YOU SLEEP...' Really? Kiss my azz.

I need something that's real, tangible. I've been tossing a boutique idea back and forth for about two years...that is my ultimate goal, but finding the $100K seed capital is what's holding me back, that and the fear of failure. I have a mortgage and two kids under 18!!

I found a second idea that's only $5500 to start, and it involves one of my and beauty...that is what I'm focusing on now...look for some updates on my ebay site...I gotta make some cash quick!!

Ok, so that's about it for now...I need a nap before the pre-birthday celebrations begin tonight. My girls are taking me to dinner...yay!!!

Oh wait...I wouldn't be me if I didn't give you my latest find. It's not new at all, but I rediscovered it last night. ELF cosmetics. Heard of them? Eyes Lips and Face. Well...they revamped their website...adding lots more $1 items...that's right....$1 items....and minerals too!!! They've even got a program where you can upload your picture and do a makover on yourself with their products and some new hair!!! I was up for like 3 hours creating a new cute.

Check it out when you get a chance.... ELF Cosmetics
Their stuff is cruelty free...and cheep as all get up. I will let you know once I try it...order's in the mail!!

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