Friday, May 15, 2009


I neglected to mention fabulous find....

SHOEDAZZLE <-----------------CLICK HERE!!!!

This is Kim Kardashian's brainchild. Get pay your monthly dues, $39...and they send you a new pair of shoes...based on your preferences!!! It's basically a shoe of the month club!!!! Why didn't I think of that?!?!? So, you log on, input your vitals...and they show you fashions, you choose which designers you like, which celebs' fashion sense you like, which shoes you like from a large list, which colors you like...and BAM!!! Your profile is created.

Shipping is free for returns, you only pay $5.99 processing if you don't want to replace your shoe, and chose to have a credit issued to you for that month. Also, if you don't like the 5 shoe options that are sent, you can select 'skip this month'. You will still be charged the $39, but will have a shoe that if next month you like two shoes, you can order two.

I've been a member since February, and all I can say is I can't WAIT for the new month to go online and choose which of the 5 little diddys (that have been personally selected for me by stylists based upon my preferences) that I'm going to choose.

The only downfalls for me is that 1. EVERYTHING is not yet automated. You can't change your preferences once they're set, you have to call...but customer service is phenomenal. I spoke with Richard this morning and he was a dream!!! 2. They only have the option of sizes 6-10...and I sometimes need an 11 for the width (But Richard says that will be coming soon).

Ok guys h0pe you enjoyed this...I'm out...


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