Sunday, May 30, 2010

Baby labor blues...

So, as you may know, this is my third child...and it's a boy...I'm so happy, I can't stop saying's a boy!!! Jeremy!!!! So...with both of my girls, one born in September of 1994 and the other in September of 2006 (funny, right), I never had morning sickness...I was able to keep up with my regular routines quite honestly up until I was literally in labor with both of them.

When "they" say that each pregnancy is different, "they" ain't never lied. For the first 3 and a half months of this pregnancy, I had "morning sickness" morning, noon, and night. I felt dizzy, nauseous, completely tired ALL of the time, just a wreck. I knew that no matter what I gave birth to, it would be the last time, and I think the man upstairs decided that I needed to have a true "pregnant" experience, because I had always boasted about how "easy" my pregnancies were. Now don't get me wrong, no pregnancy is easy, but I have heard and witnessed horror stories. Thankfully, I'd had no toxemia, diabetes, no horrific acne, no nose spread, no dark neck, and most importantly, no problems with either of my babies. I did have issues with my hair (totally minor in the grand scheme of things), I was uncomfortable, tired, experienced swelling, weight gain (about 50lbs with each), and one or two other minor issues. So to me, these were easy compared to what it could have been. My births were fairly easy as well.

My first labor began on Labor Day in 1994 at 9:30pm. It was totally by the book. My first pains were an hour apart, then 50 minutes, then 40 minutes, then 30, then 20, then 10. Once they reached 5 minutes, apart, I began my journey to the hospital. That was around 4am. I was at the hospital around 4:30am, and placed in the hallway of the maternity ward with my mother. My daughter's father, Jeff, had actually made it to the hospital before me...ha!! So as I sat on a hard metal chair, waiting for a room to become available, I quietly dealt with my labor pains that are now 2-3 minutes apart with breathing, and holding my breath (not suggested). The nurses knew that I was 20 years old and that this was my first baby, so as I told them I felt like I had to push, they didn't really believe me. More than once I heard "...oh, it's her first baby". Finally, I was given an examination room around 5:30am. They told Jeff that it would be a while before I gave birth, so he left to tell my mother (who had gone for coffee) what was happening. I was told to change from my clothes into the hospital gown and to climb onto the exam table. As I walked into the bathroom, I knew how badly I had to make number 1, but I was afraid that the baby would fall into the I just changed and got onto the exam table. My pains were worse now, and there was NO ONE anywhere to be found. My water broke on the table, and I began to panic because all I could imagine was the baby flying out and falling onto the floor. "Hello? Is anyone there," I called. No one. I swear it was like a scene from a movie. There was no sound no one at all in sight. Now I was in full panic. "HEELLLLOOOOOOOO????????" I screamed this time. A nurse came to the door and asked me what the problem was. LOL...Uhhh, nothing...or maybe I'm having a baby here. I said, "the baby is coming". "No it's not," she responded. I spread my legs and showed her what I now know was the fact that I was crowning. "Oh my is", she exclaimed. Finally!!!! Someone was in panic mode like me. So needless to say, a nurse delivered my baby in the examination room. Maybe I should say she caught my baby. Just as I baby popped out. Literally. I never had an exam, the nurse told me to take a deep breath, and when I did, Jeff's head popped into the doorway, and Ajanna Elyse popped out with a nasty juicy popping sound. LOL. He is naturally fair skinned, but he immediately lost his color...kind of like on cartoons when the color leaves their skin when they're afraid. It was quite a comical scene. What time do you think my baby was born?? 5:43am. Yes, 13 minutes after they put me in the room. Crazy, right?

My second labor began at 5:30am on the 5th Anniversary of 9/11. I emailed my boss and told her that I was in labor, and just sat downstairs documenting my labor pains. These were insanely sporadic. None were ever more than 15 minutes apart. 2 minutes, 5 minutes, 1 minute, 10 minutes, 4 minutes. It was crazy. By 9:30am, I woke my beau, Ernest, and Ajanna who was now 12 years old. I told them that it was time and that they needed to get ready. I of course was already ready. I called my doctor to tell him that my labor was odd, and the nurse told me to come to the office. I reluctantly agreed, and I said "...oooookaaayy, if you're sure", feeling like my daughter would definitely be born in the office. As my family prepared, the nurse called me back and said that I should just go directly to the hospital. Yeah, I thought so. So, as Ajanna and I stood at the bottom of the stairs waiting for Ernest, telling him that I feel like I have to push...I couldn't believe how slow he was! LOL. We left the house at about 10:15am and made it to the hospital by about 10:45am. I walked in with my daughter while Ernest parked the car. I had pre-registered this time, so I went directly to Labor and Delivery, bypassing the emergency room. I sat at the admissions desk, giving information, which to me defeated the purpose of pre-registering...once again breathing and not least I had a soft chair this I was admitted within 10 minutes this time though, and was in my lovely delivery room by 11:15am. This time, I was able to change, and be examined. I was fully dilated and ready to have my baby. Caira Lourie (pronounced LooRee) was born at 11:33am.

So, as you can see, I don't like to be at hospitals, getting poked and prodded. I like to be at home, with my own surroundings, doing things my own way until it's time to 8 hours the first time, and 6 hours the second time. I don't think I'll wait so long to get to the hospital this

Stay tuned for my labor drama this time...


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