Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mindless shopping and the NERVE of some folk

Ok, so let's do the NERVE first, because I want to end on a good note.

First, let me make a tiny disclaimer. I love the Lord. I have no issues with ANY religion. Everyone is entitled to their own beliefs, and as long as they respect mine, we can be cool. We don't ever have to talk religion. I know it's a touchy topic. So...I hope that cleared me, and here we go...

I go to my mailbox the other day, thumbing through the junk, shopping magazines, my Marie Claire of course (LOVE IT!!)...when I come across a letter addressed to me. First initial, last name, and on the back, a return address that I do not recognize. This is handwritten mind you. Not the fake handwritten that you get for sweepstakes and BS, but really handwritten. Hmm, ok. I'll bite. So I open the envelope to find a full page of again handwritten sentiment. As I'm reading, I realize that I have no clue who this person is. As I get to the meat of the letter, I realize that this letter...this handwritten letter is from a Jehovah's Witness. Wow. So not only am I ducking what seems like knocks at my door every three weeks (one that included a toddler playing on my lawn), not only am I acosted in the parking lot every other month at my local Walmart, but now, I am getting handwritten letters? Sheesh...As I continued to read the letter, it began to dawn on me that this person either went into my mailbox to obtain my name, ordered a mailing list, OR perhaps went to the local municipality for a list of names. It took me a while to come to the second two possibilities...I was initially only on the first and super pissed that he had gone into my mailbox. As I've stated, I have no issues with anyone's religion. If what you need to do is go out and try to recruit (or whatever it is called when the JWs do it), that's fine for me. But seriously, scouting parking lots while I'm trying to load my car and get home, or sending handwritten letters? I'm baffled...

So....on to the shopping.
MY NAME IS AJANNASMOM...AND I AM AN ADDICT!!! Things have been a little tight lately with the baby coming, just one or two issues popping up with the house...but none of it seem to stop me from makeup shopping at I figure that I would glance at their sale site last night as I usually do every couple of months or so...and boy did I find some deals. Tell me how you can pass up foundation that was previously $40 and is now $5? Hhhhh, I ended up spending about $140, but I got sooo many fabulous deals...I'll of course do a haul when it comes in...I'm so excited. But my question is...when is enough enough??? I need to do a sweep of my makeup dresser (yes dresser) so that you can see how sick it sad...

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