Sunday, April 25, 2010

Can't sleep again...

So, it's 4am, my baby (the lil one) is with her dad, and once again, I can't sleep. I do have quite a bit on my mind, but you'd think that the pregnancy and a full day of running around would do it. Sheesh...

My big girl and I went down to a flea market yesterday morning at 6am to try and get some cash for had an ok morning. We only made about $60, but it was enough to spend the day together, laugh at folks (cause ain't nuthin like flea market shoppers), get some ice cream...and zone out!! I realize that my baby (the big one) is super super sensitive, and very much like her mother at this age. She was saying 'good morning' to everyone that stopped by our table or glanced over at her. She was majorly offended when some didn't respond. To the point that she actually shed a tear or two at how rude and nasty some people are. My sweet baby. You know momma bear was ready to fight everyone, right? LOL...we talked about it, and I explained to her that her good morning should be about her and how she feels. Some people are just miserable and that's that. Some people are not used to people being nice, or speaking to them for that matter. There's nothing you can do about it. F em!!! Keep your happy face on and say good morning. If they respond, great, if they don't, silently laugh to yourself at their outfit. LOL!

So...that's my thought for the nice to someone, but if they're not nice back, laugh at their outfit!


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