Friday, April 16, 2010

Random thoughts

So, I felt the baby poke me for the first time on Saturday. I can't call it a kick, cause s/he's not big enough for it to feel like a kick, just a mild poke...but it was beautiful. It lets you know that something wonderful is really happening in there!! My nausea, headaches, tiredness, and dizziness have finally calmed down. I was so not used to that. With my two girls, I had NONE of it. I guess someone know that this is the last hoorah and wants me to feel every aspect of being It's cool though, I wouldn't change it. It's only temporary, right??

I still haven't done a YT video...I'm feeling really sorry about that. I can't decide what to do, and when I do think of something, the feeling floats right on past me. I feel so guilty. I know that my subbies deserve more, and I am going to get it to them...I promise...pinky promise myself. I was planning on doing some yard-work with my oldest daughter while the little one visits her nanna on Saturday, but I hear it's going to rain. That should give me time to knock out some videos...

I'm still working full-time, and part-time with real estate. I need to hurry up and stack some cash before the new one pops his/her lil head out. I have time saved up for vacation with work, plus my maternity just always seems like it's never enough...we shall see though.

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