Sunday, April 18, 2010

Judging books by their covers...

Ok, so I had to work for a few hours today, did an open house in my area. I got two leads that I'm hoping will pay off. That was the good part of my day. I won't mention that I was staaarving during my lowly 3 hour stay between 1 and 4. LOL...I haven't really been hungry so far during this pregnancy, but I guess it's starting. I brought an apple, a banana, and an orange with me. Ate all of them, and felt like I had eaten

So, on the way to drop some things off at the real estate office, I ran into the local fish market...yes, and ordered some horrible fried scallops, shrimp, whiting, and fries...bad mommy...but it was soooo good. So, on the way out, a black woman about my age was coming in. I looked at her, hard angry face...head scarf on...sweatpants...etc, you get the idea, right? So I moved to the side so she could 'baby phat stomp' in (that's what my girlfriend and I call nasty stank walks...have you ever seen Kimora's models walk the runway??? For couture, it's cool, for the streets, not so much). Much to my chagrin, she held the door for me. WTF..."...Oh...thank you...," I squeaked out, in sheer shock. "You're welcome" she replied. Wow. See that? Just because a person looks like they are having the day from hell doesn't mean that they will act like they are.

I usually make it a point not to judge people with a glance, because I HATE when people do it to me. I felt like poop on a stick for doing that to that lady. I'm putting it out into the stratosphere with hopes that she didn't even realize my judgemental gaze. I'm sorry miss lady :(

Now, you know, this works both ways. I used to be one of those flip-lip young chicks. Very quick to spew a quirky remark to someone who I felt gave me a nasty look, or stepped on my shoe. I didn't start mess, but I definitely verbally finished it. You just can't do that though. I try to teach my kids that too. You never know the kind of day a person is having. You don't know if they just lost someone close to them, their job, their reason for living. And you don't know if a kind word will keep someone from taking themselves out...or you for that matter. You just never know.

So today...or maybe tomorrow since it's late afternoon, make it your business NOT to judge that person with the ratty clothes, or the matted hair, who may or may not be talking to themselves. Just make way, and let them go about their business.

Say hello or give a smile to that person who's looking a bit haggard, your face could be the one that makes them feel like life just may be worth living. A small word to the wise though...don't make eye contact with the ones that you are convinced are crazy (a lil hypocritical right? I know, sorry, but it's won't be able to get rid of them).


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